.Everybody needs a website

The world wide web has become everyone's first port of call to learn about, identify and investigate on any business. Whatever the size of your enterprise the team at Web Studio Lab want to bring out and represent the ethos and personality of your company onto your website. With the fast paced lifestyles we lead, your website must be mobile friendly too...



We develop a thorough understanding of your ideas, company, project, target audience, and goals. Jot down your ideas, sketch out drawings – whatever you need to express what you want to see on screen. We want to hear you talk about your business, your needs, and your vision. We then go on to construct a framework for your project to take shape - in terms of strategy, development and time - as well as moulding the user experience, defined by its navigational and usability freedoms.



Every project is different – so we approach yours with an open mind and devote time to creating something that is defined by you and defines who you are to your target audience. We love designing beautiful websites that convey both your message and your personality to the world. Unleash the spirit of our graphic designers to conjure up a stylish, boutique website...


.Thanking you for all your caring hard work and getting us to launch the website
.Mark .A - .Hadassah UK
.Dani goes beyond the call of duty to have got us where we are today .It makes all the difference
.Prosper .B - Creme de la Creme
.The only team we turn to for our design and website needs .Always providing us with great results - driven towards our success
.Marcus .K - K2 Property
.Always available to guide us with updating and editing the website .We much appreciate the creation of a system that the less tech savvy can use
.Joseph .C - Joseph Cohen Antiques
.We got the company off the ground in conjunction with the website .Which was only possible with the devotion and commitment we received
.Raphi .L - K9 Consulting


We have masters of coding that are ready to develop and implement functionality specific customisations into the designs. We thrive on using pixels and code to solve your business space on the World Wide Web. After this it is time for the final touches during the testing phases before the ultimate launch date. Simply put - "we make things work" - meaning you don’t have to worry about the mechanics and can concentrate on your business.



Whether you need a corporate feel, an ecommerce store or you just need a portfolio website to inform people about what you do. We can offer you this and more:

Bespoke website design – created for your audience and built around your products and services

Powerful content management systems – (CMSs) give you an easy, flexible way to update and edit your site

Analytics – track and learn from how your visitors behave and how they find you


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