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Hendon Bagel Bakery


A formidable reputation for good food and service needed a similar online presence… That was the task at hand – to bring out the personality of the bakery; to invest in the future care and consideration of well established community specialists in catering services. Warm and tasty colours as well as unique design branding was necessary to stand out from the crowd. Bringing a revolution to the industry and be the leading light for the breads and bagels delicatessen sector.


Industry: Bakery, Catering
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Redesign
Status: Live and Online


Stunning photos
Social feeds interactive


Approached: Mar '15
Completed: May '15

"Your only problem may be in deciding what to choose to eat!"



Commitment to the standard focus of the industry was necessary to highlight the warmth of the bakery whilst being an approachable and bright atmosphere. The website was constructed to identify the different main product ranges in the store front as well as capturing the ambience with customers and staff by way of stunning photography.


The breads, bagels, rolls and many cakes are not just on display but are tantalising and tempting to the eye. This attractive appearance was developed in close conjunction with the owners throughout the entire design and development process so that their vision was translated onto the screen.